Conversions and calculators for many common weather types

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Dew Point from Relative HumidityWet-bulb from Relative HumidityStation Pressure

Temperature Conversion
Enter a number then click on the the conversion button.
Fahrenheit (°F)
Celsius  (°C)
Wind Speed Conversion
Enter a speed into any blank to convert to all other wind speeds.
 mph   knots      m/sec    km/hr     
Wind Chill Calculation
Enter the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and wind speed in mph, then click on the Calculate WC to compute the windchill index.
Wind Chill Index
Heat Index Calculations
Enter the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and the Dew Point (Tdp), or relative humidity (RH) in percent (without the % sign).  Then click on the Calculate HI to compute the heat index (HI).
Temp (°F) Tdp HI RH
Temp (°F) RH HI Tdp
Click for Heat Index Danger Ranges
Relative Humidity Calculation
Enter the air temperature and the dew point in degrees Fahrenheit, then click on the Calculate RH to compute the relative humidity.
Dew Point from Relative Humidity
Enter a temperature and relative humidity.
Temperature:  Fahrenheit Celsius RH:  %
°F °C
Wet-bulb from Relative Humidity
Enter a temperature, relative humidity and actual station pressure.
Temperature:    Fahrenheit  Celsius RH: %
Enter your actual station pressure (not the altimeter setting):
 inches of mercury  mm of merc.  millibars (hPA)
°F   °C
Station Pressure Calculation
What is the current altimeter (inches)?
What is the station elevation? (feet)
(i.e. Urbana = 743)
The Station Pressure in inches is:
The Station Pressure in millibars is:
The Pressure Altitude in feet is: