Greenhouse Effect and the Carbon Cycle

MRCC How-To Experiment Guide: Greenhouse Effect How-To Experiment Guide: Greenhouse Effect    The Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC) provides a visual illustration of an experiment to demonstrate the Greenhouse Effect (there is a corresponding video showing how to do the experiment as well).  (pdf)

Climate and CO2: Analyzing their RelationshipClimate and CO2: Analyzing their Relationship    This National Geographic educational activity gives students in grades 9-12 the task of visually mapping out the effects of increased carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Carbon Advantures: a game to teach the carbon cycleCarbon Adventures: a Game to Teach the Carbon Cycle    This board game from Arizona State University is designed to introduce the complexity of the carbon cycle to students. By the end of the game, students should understand that carbon can take many forms throughout the carbon cycle, and that no set pathway exists in the cycle.

Carbon Cycle Video Animation Carbon Cycle Video Animation   This short video animation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) illustrates the different stages of the carbon cycle.