Climate Extremes: Records and Normals

The Climate Extremes: Records and Normals tool is a product that provides information on a variety of extreme climatological conditions for stations across the United States.  This tool can answer questions such as:

Data can be retrieved for maximum temperature, minimum temperature, precipitation, and snowfall.  Both the highest and lowest values for both daily climatological normals and all-time records can be retrieved.  The map can either display the observed value or the date in which this value is observed.


There are more than 3,800 stations available for this tool. In order for a station to qualify, it needed to meet the following requirements:

In order to ensure that a station’s record data was accurate, a station’s temperature record was only considered valid if the record temperature value was not an extreme outlier relative to the 60 day period surrounding the event in question.

Notes and Disclaimers:

Certain selections for this tool will result in maps without meaningful information.  For example, selecting lowest record precipitation date will present a map that displays the day of the year in which the lowest record precipitation was recorded.  This is not meaningful as all locations often experience the lowest possible daily precipitation amount of 0.00 inches several times throughout the year.  The same is true for the options of lowest record snowfall date and lowest normal snowfall date.