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Agriculture Resources: Temperature Inversion

Inversions are areas of the atmosphere where temperature increases with height. This stable air mass results in low wind speeds and horizontal flow. This meteorological phenomenon can be a headache when applying pesticides. When spray droplets are dispersed in this environment, the smallest drops may not make it to the ground and can end up floating for long distances before settling in an entirely different area, including someone else’s field.

The mesonet networks below have started monitoring, or will soon, the conditions which make temperature inversions likely and display the potential in near real-time.

Illinois WARM Network

Sample map of temp inversion map IL

WARM suffered a loss of sensors, and is planning to be back online with temperature inversion maps in early 2021.


temperature inversion probability map - MI

Minnesota NDAWN

estimated delta T for agricultural spraying - MN

Missouri Mesonet

temperature inversion potential map - MO

Indiana Water Balance Network


Iowa Environmental Network


Kentucky Mesonet