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Midwest Weekly Highlights - September 15-21, 2020

Cool Temperatures Prevail

Temperatures were cooler than normal across most of the Midwest during the week (Figure 1).  The coolest areas were in the Ohio River Valley, with temperatures 3-6°F below normal.  Temperatures were gradually closer to normal to the west, with some areas in western Minnesota and northwestern Iowa a degree above normal.

Little Rainfall

With stationary high pressure across most of the Midwest, conditions were completely dry across the Midwest (Figure 2).  Only a few isolated areas of northern Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky had any rainfall.  Only a few areas of extreme southeastern Kentucky received more than a quarter inch of precipitation during the period.

Drought Coverage Decreases

Rainfall leading up to the September 15 U.S. Drought Monitor aided in decreasing drought coverage and intensity in the Midwest (Figure 3).  Extreme drought was eliminated in Iowa, while drought percentage across the state dropped by 25 percent.  Drought coverage also dropped in Illinois from steady rainfall in the week prior.