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Midwest Weekly Highlights - November 24-30, 2013

Cold End to November

The final week of November was a chilly one with average temperatures ranging from 10°F in northern Minnesota to the low 35°F in parts of southern Missouri, southern Illinois and Kentucky (Figure 1). Compared to normal, the entire region experienced below average temperatures ranging from -6°F in Minnesota to as much as -14°F in parts of Kentucky and Ohio (Figure 2). The creep of below freezing average maximum temperatures continued from Minnesota last week, with northern Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, norther lower Michigan joining in to end November (Figure 3). All of the temperature records in the region were either lowest minimum or lowest maximum temperatures. No high temperature records were set due to the widespread below average temperatures in the region.


Dry Week Away from the Great Lakes

A large portion of the region experienced zero precipitation to end November (Figure 4). Generally, locations away from the Great Lakes experienced little to no precipitation while areas along the lakes, namely Superior, Michigan and Huron, received precipitation in the form of lake effect snows (Figure 5). The exception was southeast Kentucky where the greatest precipitation totals occurred with totals as much as 3". The greatest snowfall amounts were located in the northwest portion of lower Michigan where snowfall totals reached as much as 15". A few precipitation records were set, primarily in Kentucky, and a number of snowfall records were set across the region including parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.


No Severe Weather

After the major outbreak of severe weather in week three (November 17th), week four was along the lines of what one might expect for the time of year with no severe weather (Figure 6).