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Midwest Weekly Highlights - November 24-30, 2012

No Rain for Much of the Midwest

The last week of November was dry for a large portion of the region. The areas receiving no precipitation extended from southwest Missouri to west central Minnesota and eastward into parts of Ohio (Figure 1). Totals exceeded a half inch only in western Kentucky and Upper Michigan and even those locations were mostly below normal (Figure 2). A few inches of snow fell in the northernmost parts of the Midwest (Figure 3). Drought conditions were largely unchanged except in Minnesota where large areas of the state were degraded from moderate to severe drought (Figure 4).

Cool Temperatures Warm by Month's End

Temperatures were below normal by 1° to 7°F across the Midwest (Figure 5). The coolest readings compared to normal were in the north and in Kentucky. Temperatures at the beginning of the week were 10°F or more below normal in many locations (Figure 6) but warmth returned to much of the Midwest by the final day of the month (Figure 7) with temperatures rising as much as 20°F. Just a few daily temperature records were set.


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