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Midwest Weekly Highlights - September 10-16, 2012

Mostly Dry

Most of the Midwest came in with well below normal precipitation (Figure 1). Only southwest Iowa and southwest Missouri had above normal totals for the second week of September. Those areas had 150% to 300% of normal while areas to the north and east ranged all the way down to 0% (Figure 2). Areas with no precipitation included northern Minnesota and also along the Ohio River. With the lack of rain, there were no severe weather reports in the region. Just a few daily precipitation records were set, mostly in Iowa and Missouri.

Signs of Fall

Temperatures cooled in the second week of September everywhere but Minnesota. The average temperatures were below normal for the southern half the region, as much as 5°F below normal in Missouri (Figure 3). The upper Midwest was near normal except for southwest Minnesota and extreme northwest Iowa where temperatures were 2 to 3°F above normal. Minimum temperatures (Figure 4) were below normal across the Midwest while maximum temperatures (Figure 5) were above normal in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northern Iowa. The few daily temperature records set were a mix of record highs and lows.

Harvest Off to a Fast Start

Mostly dry conditions led to increased opportunities for harvest and field work. Harvest is off to an early start across the Midwest. Early reports of yields are showing a lot of variability though most are on the low side.

Drought Monitor Sees Little Change

The US Drought Monitor saw little change in the Midwest (Figure 6). There was a slight improvement from Missouri to Indiana but the area remained in drought. In the upper Midwest there was an expansion of abnormally dry conditions.


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