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Midwest Weekly Highlights - April 8-14, 2009

South Gets A Soaking, North Gets None

This week, two storm systems moved across the southern midwest, tracking from Missouri to Ohio. The systems brought above normal precipitation to the southern half of the region but left most of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan dry. Rain in excess of an inch fell across the southern states with a maximum over 2.5 inches in southern Illinois (Figure 1).

With dry conditions in the north and daytime temperatures above freezing, snow cover has receded to primarily areas in northeastern Minnesota and the upper peninsula of Michigan with a few remaining spots in northern Wisconsin and Michigan. The lack of moisture was welcome in western Minnesota were Red River flooding was still a concern. To the east, the continued dryness led to an expansion of the severe drought from northern Wisconsin into southeastern Minnesota (Figure 2).

Another Cool Week

Cool temperatures prevailed again this week across the midwest. Temperatures averaged as much as 9°F below normal in Missouri and ranged to near normal in Wisconsin and Minnesota (Figure 3). High temperatures were particularly depressed in Missouri with departures from normal exceeding 12°F for the week (Figure 4). Record low daily maximum and minimum temperatures were set throughout the week.

Severe Weather

The first period of severe weather began the evening of April 9th as storms across southern Missouri moved eastward crossing into southern Illinois and western Kentucky after midnight. In Missouri there were reports of tornadoes (Christian and Greene counties) and large hail (Laclede 2.75", Greene 1.75") in addition to wide spread reports of wind damage to trees, roofs, and power poles.

The same system brought severe weather across Kentucky during the day on the 10th. Tornadoes were reported in four counties, including an EF1 tornado near Eddyville (Lyon county) which caused an injury. 2" hail was reported in Christian county, with 1.75" hail in Boyle, Clark, and Powell counties. Wind damage to homes, trees, and vehicles was wide spread. 1" hail was also reported in Indiana and Illinois on April 10th.

The second storm system on the afternoon of April 13th, which also tracked across the southern states, brought more hail to Kentucky. Several reports were topped by a 1.75" hail report in Jackson county.

Flooding Continues

Melted snow led to a rise in Red River levels this week. A second crest is expected next week, slightly below the previous crest levels. With projections of continued high water, the upcoming Fargo Marathon course has been altered so the race will not extend into Moorhead, Minnesota as it usually does. Minor to moderate flooding continued in Illinois and Indiana this week.


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