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NANCY E. WESTCOTT - Publications

Agricultural Climate:

Westcott, N.E. S.E. Hollinger, and K.E. Kunkel, 2005:  Use of Real-time Multi-sensor Data to Assess the Relationship between Normalized Corn Yield, Monthly Rainfall, and Heat Stress across the Central United States.  J. Appl. Meteor., 44, 1667-1676.

Applied Climate:

Westcott, N.E., 2011:  The Prolonged 1954 Heat Wave: Impacts and Responses.  J. Weather, Climate and Society, 3, 165-176.

Westcott, N.E., and S.D. Hilberg, R.L. Lampman, B. W. Alto, A. Bedel, E.J. Muturi, H. Glahn, M. Baker,  K.E., Kunkel, R.J. Novak, 2011:  Predicting the Seasonal Shift in Mosquito Populations Preceding the Onset of the West Nile Virus in Central Illinois, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 92,1173-1180.

Westcott N.E. and D.A.R. Kristovich, 2009: A Climatology and Case Study of Continental Cold Season Dense Fogs Associated with Low Clouds:  J. Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 48, 2201-2214.

Westcott, N.E., 2007:  Some Aspects of Dense Fog in the Midwestern United States.  Weather and Forecasting, 22, 457-465.

Severe Weather:

Kennedy, P.C., N.E. Westcott, and R.W. Scott, 1993:  Doppler radar observations of a mini-supercell storm.  Mon. Wea. Rev., 121, 1860-1870.

Urban Impacts on  Weather:

Westcott, N.E., 2011:  A Perspective on Weather Modification: Planned and Inadvertent.  Chapter 120 in Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Megaengineering Projects, S.D.D. Brunn (Ed.), Springer, Netherlands, 2173-2184 (

Westcott, N.E., 1996:  Land-lake differences in thunderstorm activity in the vicinity of cities near Lake Michigan.  Preprint, 13th AMS Conf. on Planned and Inadvertent Wea. Modification, Amer. Meteor., Soc. Boston, 106-109.

Westcott, N.E., 1995:  Summertime Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Activity around Major Midwestern Urban Areas.   J. Appl. Meteor., 34, 1633-1642.

Water Resources:

Westcott, N.E, 2009:  Differences in multi-sensor and raingage precipitation amounts.  Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Water Management, 162 (MW2), 73-81.

Westcott, N.E., H. V Knapp and S.D. Hilberg, 2008: Comparison of Gage and Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimates over a Range of Spatial and Temporal Scales in the Midwestern United States.  J. Hydrology, 351, 1-12.   

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