Climatology Programmer

Travis joined the MRCC in April 2020.

After receiving his M.S. in 2001, Travis continued working at Colorado State University (CSU) developing new methodologies for estimation of probable maximum precipitation using the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) and investigating the simulated dynamics and microphysics of tornado-producing supercells.

Travis was also a Research Associate at CSU from 2016-2018, investigating the role of aerosols on tropical cyclone dynamics and precipitation.

His professional interests lie in furthering the understanding and quantification of the physical processes involved in atmospheric circulations at scales ranging from the micro- to synoptic-scale. He is particularly interested in the interaction between low-level and mid- to upper-level dynamics in convective systems and the role of microphysics in this interaction.


Travis Ashby

Atmospheric circulation at various scales, and dynamics in convective systems.


M.S. in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University
B.S. in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Arizona


(217) 300-4926