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Community Profiles:  Beverly & Lowell, Ohio

River: Muskigum
Storm Total Rainfall: Approximately 5"
Known Fatalities: None

TimelineMuskingum River at Beverly, OH

Both Beverly and Lowell were badly damaged by the 1913 floods, and fortunately no lives were lost. Situated below Zanesville and McConnelsville, a significant volume of water moved downstream into Beverly and Lowell. At Beverly the river reached a stage of 46.5 feet at 2 a.m. on March 28th, 15.5 feet higher than the previous record. 


Twenty homes in Lowell and fifteen or twenty in Beverly were destroyed by the flood waters. The image below depicts the flood of 1910 in Beverly. However the flood of 1913 was approximately 8 -10 feet higher than the level observed in this picture. (Photo from Budd Sprague)

Bridge at Beverly, OH during 1910 flood event